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Note:  SUP customers please understand that Toronto Adventures is trying to keep our SUP season going as long as possible, weather permitting.  At this time of year there has been and will continue to be a fair number of SUP event cancelations due to the early fall cold weather.  We will attempt to keep our SUP season opened as long as the weather permits.  Nature is more powerful then all of us.

For our Pre-Paid SUP ( stand-up paddle boarding ) voucher customers,  you are now allowed to use your SUP vouchers to book Humber River Kayaking instead of the SUP if you wish.  If you do not wish to use your pre-paid vouchers for our Humber River Kayaking then we will continue to honour your vouchers, extending the expiry date till June 30th, 2015.  This will enable you to use your SUP vouchers for Fall Colours Kayaking or our Winter City Snowshoeing or our early Summer SUP Lesson & Rentals.


Join Us, on our Summer 2014 Paddle Boarding Lessons & Rentals or our EASY Rental programs! If it’s your first time join us on our lesson which includes a beginners Stand Up Paddle Boarding lesson from one of our experienced guides before embarking on a brief paddle up and down Sunnyside Beach followed by some fun skill testing games and free time!

What’s Included in our Lesson?

  • Paddle Board, Paddle, and Lifejacket Rental
  • Beginners SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) Lesson
  • Guided paddle of Sunnyside Beach

What Should I Bring?

  • Sun Block
  • Sunglasses
  • Water Shoes (Available at Canadian Tire or MEC for $15-$40)
  • Water Bottle (re-usable)
  • That’s it!


Lesson & Rental: $49.95 + Tax. per participant
1 Hr. Rental: $19.95 + Tax.  per participant
Lesson & Rental: $59.95 + Tax. Per Participant
1 Hr. Rental: $19.95 + Tax.

How to Book:

Step 1: Read the above and then CLICK on the image of the “PaddleBoard / BOOK NOW” .
Step 2: Once you select “Book Now” the system will redirected to our SUP Lesson & Rentals and our EASY Rental event Calendar with has all the dates and times available for you to choose from, select the date & time most convenient for you.  
Step 4: Complete your booking by choosing your Option of “Lesson & Rental” or  ”EASY Rental” or “Daily Deal Lesson & Rental”.  Only Daily Deal Voucher holders should select “Daily Deal Lesson & Rentals”.

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TA Sunnyside Beach Booth

Public Transit:

TTC (Toronto Transit Commission)

Step 1:  Go to Dundas West TTC Station
Step 2: Take the 504 Streetcar south and get off at the Queen Street West Stop.
Step 3: Walk south across the street, to your south you will see a bridge that crosses the highways over towards lake Ontario, take that bridge across to the other side.
Step 4: Once you’ve crossed the bridge turn right and follow the Bicycle path until you have a chance to get on the boardwalk to your south. (Watch our for bicyclists)
Step 5: Once you are on the boardwalk and you pass the Sunnyside Cafe you will see our TA Booth on the beach just up ahead to your left.


Step 1: Go to Maps.Google.Ca and Click “Get Directions” in the top left.

Step 2: Type your location of departure in the A Column and “Sunnyside Pavilion” in the B Column, then Click “Get Directions”. These directions will bring you to The Sunnyside Pavilion, we are located on the beach just to the west of the Sunnyside Pavilion, you can find parking in either parking lot to the east or west of the pavilion.


Sunnyside Rental Booth Map