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Very friendly, sociable, knowledgeable. We will be enlisting in further adventures with Toronto Adventures.
Dan & Jean

You are awesome!!! I went kayaking on the Humber twice last Fall and it was amazing! Thanks for providing this opportunity. I love the water and to be right in the middle of nature like that was so relaxing and absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to try out the rest of the trips you have to offer this Summer.

A really fantastic, fun and easy way to experience nature. At times it's almost impossible to believe that you're inside the city

If you want an idyllic afternoon surrounded by beautiful scenery and a great group of people then this is the trip for you. It's geared to beginners like me who otherwise would not have the opportunity to try kayaking, what more could you ask for?

Great for beginners, I didn't feel pressured or like I was in a race. The pace was enjoyable.
Suzanne M.

It is a quick magical paddle- little nature nooks and bogs and old fishing huts mixed in with urban bridge graffiti and distant view of mansions up the cliffs. It is quiet and spectacular
Kelly T.

It's a great introduction to a New Beginning. Nice shallow waters. All of Mother Nature in a beautiful setting; and then some. You'll see things you've never seen before and you'll want to come back for more. Bon Voyage
Patty H.

It feels like you're in the country, but with the convenience of being close to home! The cost is also quite reasonable and the staff are friendly and helpful.
Catherine L.

Excellent Group, Very comfortable environment, well equipped outfit, obviously experienced staff and a pleasure to spend a day with!

Toronto Adventures was AMAZING!!! What a great outing for the whole family!!! The guides were fantastic!! I would highly recommend it!!!! Can't wait to go again!!!
Mary H.

It was well organized. The guides were helpful and knowledgeable and sincere. They really made the day so enjoyable. I will be recommending this tour to friends and family. It was a wonderful day! Thank you
Michelle G.

Toronto Adventures offers an excellent education service. They all love what they are doing and it reflects in their work

GREAT FUN! Something new and different to do in the City - everyone was very nice. Thanks again!

Great Adventure ideas. Great that it gets you outside and more familiar with different parts of the city! Thanks for the experience!

Great adventure! Felt like paddling in the wilds of Ontario rather than in the City. Loved the marshes & the wildlife...egrets,Great Blue Herons,cormorants,and more. HUGE KUDOS to our excellent guide, Will. He was knowledgeable, patient, professional, helpful and looked after all of us (quite a feat as we were all at different levels and purposes). Thanks again for this awesome experience. Looking forward to doing it again!
Inge Roach, Kingsmill Park, Humber River

What a great day to be kayaking on the Rouge river. Staff member Gabe and our guide Patrick were experienced, friendly and knowledgeable. Can't wait to try the Humber tour.
Kate, Rouge River

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