TA Member Discount / Promo Code – Humber Rentals

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Toronto Adventures Members

Humber River Kayak or Canoe Rentals Save 30%
Promo Code: TaMemberRentals


To use your TA Member Discount / Promo Code please follow these simple instructions.

  1. Copy the Promo Code:  TAMemberRentals
  2. Click-On the Link below to go to the Humber River Kayak or Canoe rentals calendar then register into a rental date and time.
  3. At the CHECK-OUT PAGE enter the Promo Code that you copied into the Promo Code box and push the “SUBMIT” button so that the Promo Code will be applied to the transaction.  This will give you your TA Member Discount.
  4. Remember you have to be a TA Member to use our TA Member Discount / Promo Codes.  If you are not a TA Member, then go to the MENU tab above and become a TA Member.  Your TA Membership will be checked when you show up for the event.

To book, use calendar of events below:

[ESPRESSO_CALENDAR event_category_id=”humberrentals”]

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