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If you’re anything like myself you’ve been rearing and ready to get outside and into our Spring & Summer activities since March 1st, before you get out there here’s a couple things to help you be prepared!

Most active outdoors people know that Spring can be a potentially dangerous time of year for the unexperienced! As the season begins to warm you might think about heading down to the water for a paddle or up North for a little camping, couple major things to consider:

Cold Nights: In the spring it might warm up during the day though at night when the sun goes down temperatures plummet and if you have to spend the night outside and are not prepared for Cold weather you can quickly find yourself in a difficult situation.

Icy Cold Lakes & Rivers: Until late spring lake & rivers generally haven’t had a chance to warm up and are primarily fed by melting snow and ice leaving them very cold! If you’re planning on doing any Spring paddling be sure to be prepared! Consider packing an extra change of clothes in a watertight sac.

It’s Muddy!: After the snow melts in the Spring it leaves the ground wet and usually very muddy! Be sure to wear proper footwear that can get Muddy & Wet!

Spring is ultimately a very beautiful time of year to paddle, you witness the blooming of nature, the temperature is great for exercise and it’s less crowded than Summer!


Summer in and around Toronto is usually Humid & Hot, so here are a couple things to consider when preparing to be active outdoors in the Summer:

Bring Water: When being active in the Summer your body goes through huge amounts of water to assist you in cooling down, finding yourself without water can sometimes be more than just an inconvenience, it can be dangerous leading to disorientation & more.

The Sun Kit: If you’re an avid outdoor person like myself then you know the importance of protecting yourself from the sun, it may not seem to effect you for 1 day though too much exposure without Sunglasses, Hats, Sunscreen, or other Sun protection can be damaging.

Heat Stroke: If you find yourself feeling feint, slurring, or nauseous you may be experiencing heat stroke, take a break, drink water, cool down… If this doesn’t help cease activity.

It can still get cold in Summer: If you find its irregularly cold out bring more layers, you can always take em’ off later!


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