Moose Spotting

Hop aboard our TA Adventure Bus right here in Toronto at our TA Adventure Store (1 Minute Walk south of Dundas West Subway Station) and sit back and relax as we take you North to Algonquin Park ! We’ll spend the day exploring the some of the best places to spot moose, in addition we’ll have 2 optional hikes available to 2 scenic lookouts and visit The Algonquin Visitor’s Center to check out their nature & art exhibits, grab some food, and check out the view off of their panoramic lookout deck! All of that before heading back to Toronto with a stop at the famous Kawartha Dairy for some Ice Cream (Dairy Free Options Available)!

Moose Spotting Guarantee: We have become really good at spotting moose, so good in fact that if the majority of the people on the bus don’t see a moose on your Moose Spotting Day Trip we’ll give you another trip for free!

About Algonquin Park: Algonquin Park is a Ontario a nature-lover’s paradise: 7,725 km of lakes, rivers, forest, trails, camping, comfortable lodges, 2000 km of canoe routes… It’s also, perhaps the best place in North America to spot moose! There are about 3500 in the park. The best time for spotting them is in May and June, and it’s easiest in the early morning along ‘the Corridor’, a the 56-km stretch of Highway 60 that cuts through the southwest section of the park. The moose often come right to the roadside. Sodium-depleted from the winter months, moose hang around the highway because of the salty water in roadside ditches and marshes (for a moose, a marsh is like a big salad bowl). Salt is deposited in this area each winter during snow removal. Take highway speed warnings seriously. This is a great area for spotting the majestic moose.

Click Here for photos of last year’s Moose Spotting Day Trip!

When: We offer our Algonquin Park Moose Spotting Day trips only during peak viewing season from April 24th until June 7th.

What’s Included: 

  • Transportation to and from Algonquin Park from our Adventure Store, a few stores down from the Dundas West TTC Subway Station.
  • 2 Guided Hikes along Algonquin’s scenic forested trails and lookouts.
  • Moose Spotting up and down Algonquin’s Highway 60, one of the best places in the world see moose!

Pick-up & Drop-off Locations & Times:

TA Adventure Store, 1 Min. Walk South of Dundas West Subway Station.
Departure Time: 8:00am Sharp
Return Time: 7:30pm Approx.
Note: TTC busses run all night and early morning, taking the place of the subway in the early morning. Parking Available across the street.

What to Bring:

  • Pack yourself a light lunch for the day or feel free to grab one on the way up on our Tim Horton’s break.
  • Wear comfortable hiking footwear that you don’t mind getting muddy and wet!
  • Dress warm and in layers, you can always remove layers and leave them on the bus.
  • Bring something to drink, water recommended!
  • Don’t forget your Camera!


Weekdays: $99.95 + tax. per participant
Weekends: $109.95 + tax. per participant

TA Members: Use Promo Code “TAMMS” to save 25% when booking!
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How to Book: Select the event on the date from the Algonquin Moose Spotting Event Calendar (below) that works best for you. Read the event description and details then follow the easy booking & payment steps.

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