Intro to Cross Country Skiing Adventure Bus Day Trips

Hop aboard our TA Adventure Bus right here in Toronto and join a day of Skiing Ontario’s scenic snow covered forests!

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Our Intro to Cross-Country Skiing Day Trip is a great way to escape the city, embrace winter and learn something new!

Upon arrival we’ll get you setup will your Skis, Boots, and Pole Rentals for the day (If Renting) and once everyone is ready we’ll head out to the training field for a brief Intro to Cross-Country Skiing Lesson before we hit the trail for the day! There are several different trails available each with a different difficulty level and each a loop back to the Ski Chalet. If you wish to stick with our guide we will be starting off with the easiest trail followed by sequentially harder trails at a gentle pace and will be happy to help you every step of the way!

A Great way to exercise, have fun and get outside this Winter!

Breakfast & Lunch: Pack yourself Breakfast and Lunch or grab one at the Chalet Restaurant. You can eat your lunch at anytime you prefer throughout the day either on the trail or in the warmth of the Chalet. Note: We recommend not eating heavy meals to avoid indigestion while exercising!

Difficulty Level: Beginner but fun for all!

Where: We pick you up outside either of our Toronto Pick Up/Drop Off Locations (York Mills or Keele TTC Stations) and drive you north to where the snow is!

  • – Transport to and from the event from Toronto
  • – Trail Pass Included*
  • – Skis, Boots, & Poles Rentals ($29.95 + tax. Optional)
  • Helmet Rental ($2.00 + tax. Optional)
  • – 30 Minute Beginner Cross-Country Skiing Lesson
  • – 3 Hours Approx. Cross-Country Skiing Horseshoe Valley’s Scenic Trails
  • – Our experienced TA Guides to help you every step of the way!

Friday Price: $79.95 + tax. Per Ticket
TA Member Price: $67.46 + tax. Per Ticket (TA Members Save 25%)

Saturday Price: $89.95 + tax. Per Ticket
TA Member Price: $59.96 + tax. Per Ticket (TA Members Save 25%)

Ski Rental Package Add On: $29.95 + Tax.

TA Members use Promo Code: TAMCCS
Click Here for more information on our TA Membership

9:00am Pick Up at Keele TTC Station
9:05am Depart Keele TTC Station
9:35am Pick Up at York Mills TTC Station
9:40am Depart York Mills TTC Station
10:30am Arrive at Barrie ON-Route for Refreshments & Washroom Break
11:00am Depart Barrie ON-Route
11:15 – 11:30am Arrive at Horseshoe Valley.
3:30-4:00pm Hike completion and back aboard the bus!
4:00pm Refreshments & Washroom Break
4:20pm Depart for Toronto.
5:30pm Approx. Drop Off at York Mills TTC Station
6:00pm Approx. Drop Off at Keele TTC Station

Important: All times are approximations, the scheduled times can change without warning due to weather, traffic, abominable snowmen and other unforeseen factors.

Keele TTC Station: Pick Up: 9:00 am Drop Off: 6:00pm Approx.
Note: Our bus will be located right outside the main entrance on Keele Street.

York Mills TTC Station: Pick Up: 9:35am Drop Off: 5:30pm Approx.
Note: Our bus will be located outside the “Kiss n’ Ride Entrance”

Click Here for Detailed Directions.

Step 1 Select the “Select Here to Register Now” button at the top or bottom of the page, you will then be redirected to our 2018 Winter Events Calendar.

Step 2 Select the “Intro to Cross-Country Skiing” Event with the Date & Time that works best for you.
Note: Make sure you’ve selected the correct event.

Step 3 Follow the simple steps to complete your booking!

  • Ages 16 and older, anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian.
  • – Voucher Customers must bring their valid voucher with them on the day of the event or pay full price. Note: Mobile copy’s of your Voucher work Great!

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When participating in any Outdoor Activity it’s important to Dress Appropriately and this is especially true for Winter Adventures!

We’ve listed below some of our Top Tips for Dressing Right for Winter Adventures:

  • – Dress in layers so that you can easily add or remove layers throughout the trip to regulate your temperature as needed.
  • – Bring more layers that you think you’ll need, you can always remove them during the trip.
  • – We highly recommend water resistant Jacket, Gloves, Pants, and Boots!
  • – Wear a hat!
  • – Wear warm winter boots! … Not city winter boots!
  • – Bring a pair of shades… Yes, it’s even brighter in the winter!
  • – You know yourself best, if you get cold easily bring extra layers.
  • – We will be exercising so you will most likely get quite warm out there… Don’t forget to remove layers before you get too hot!

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