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What is Dog Sledding?

Sled Dogs and Dog Sledding is a Canadian tradition going back hundreds of years.

Dog Sledding is a great way to get around at a fast pace through snowy conditions that would otherwise be impassable via regular means… Using a modified sled attached to a team of specially trained sledding dogs you can cover vast distances at a surprising pace!

Dog Sledding was first used as the primary means of travel in Canada’s North up until the invention of modern day machines like the snowmobile. In recent years Dog Sledding has seen a reoccurrence in many northern communities and is a great way to get in touch with nature and enjoy a day of Winter Fun, while experiencing a Canadian tradition!

How to Dress:

When participating in any Outdoor Activity it’s important to Dress Appropriately and this is especially true for Winter Adventures!

We’ve listed below some of our Top Tips for Dressing Right for Winter Adventures:

  • – Dress in layers so that you can easily add or remove layers throughout the trip to regulate your temperature as needed.
  • – Bring more layers that you think you’ll need, you can always remove them during the trip
  • – We highly recommend water resistant Jacket, Gloves, Pants, and Boots!
  • – Wear a hat!
  • – Wear warm winter boots! … Not city winter boots!
  • – Bring a pair of shades… Yes, it’s even brighter in the winter!
  • – You know yourself best, if you get cold easily bring extra layers.
  • – We will be spending lots of time outside so be sure to dress extra warm!

Caring for the Dogs:

Here at Toronto Adventures we take pride in ensuring that no animals are ever mistreated for the purposes of any of our events or the events of companies we subcontract. We ensure that all of the Dog Sledding companies that we team up with for our various programs are Certified & Regularly Inspected by the appropriate Ontario Government By-Law Enforcement Offices.

Dog Sledding businesses mostly breed their own dogs, and keep their dogs until they die of old age.  Therefore you will see puppies, young active strong dogs and retired dogs living out their retirement years.

Sled dogs love to run and pull sleds.  When a sled dog is not selected to pull the sled they get upset and pout.  When a sled dog gets tired or does not want to pull the sleds they simply lie down and stop pulling and are returned to their dog house and replaced by a fresh happy sled dog.

If you at anytime see or feel that any animal has been mistreated during one of our events please let our TA Staff Rep know right away so we can quickly solve the situation.

Who can come:

This event is great for beginners and those who want to enjoy Winter Fun.  Families with children are welcome. Young infants or young children may not be suitable for dogsledding.  Occasionally the sleds tip over.  If you have a young child or infant on your lap in the sled with you this can be dangerous for the young child. If you have a disability that affects your mobility, dogsledding may not be for you since it requires the ability to walk in deep snow. Safety is up to the parent and the adult participant.

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