kayaking-toronto-groupWhat is the Cancellation Policy if I book a guided adventure?

Please go to our ” Re-scheduling/cancellation” tab to view our current cancellation policy.

What happens if it’s raining on the day of my tour?
Unless it’s raining really hard or there are expected thunder storms tours will most likely still go on.  If the tour is cancelled then we will make an announcement on our homepage stating which tours are cancelled.
If your tour is cancelled, we will reactivate your coupon codes, or if you paid via credit card, email us at bookings@torontoadventures.ca and we will either refund your money or give you a chance to reschedule to another (hopefully sunnier) day.
Am I going to tip?

About 1 in 200 paddlers tip their kayak over. If you are a tall male with linebacker sized shoulders then one of the Guides might be betting another Guide that you will be tipping your kayak over. Canoes or two person kayaks rarely tip over on our trips.

All participants are required to wear a fastened lifejacket at all times when paddling with us.

What should I wear?

When coming to one of our events you should dress for the weather. Dress to get damp. Wear shoes that can get wet. Do not bring any electronics devices on the river that you care a lot about.  If need be, our Guides will have a dry sack where you can store all your electronics devices while you are on the water. We do not take any legal responsibility for your electronics devices. If it is cold or may rain then bring / wear a jacket. No ponchos allowed..

What should I bring on the water with me?

Bring something to drink in a re-usable canister. You may wish to bring a change of clothing incase you get wet. Bring a jacket incase you get cold. We supply lifejackets but you may wish to bring your own. You may wish to risk bringing a camera. Wear a hat and sunglasses. You may wish to put on sunscreen or for evening paddles you may wish to put on bug spray.

How do I know if an event is cancelled due to bad weather or water conditions?

We will always put a notice on our home page if any event is cancelled (If you have any doubts please check the home page before leaving home for a scheduled event)