Groups Rules & Pricing


  • When is a Group Event actually booked
  • Event Rescheduling
  • Event Cancellation
  • Weather Related Event Cancellations
  • Catering Rules

A Group Event is BOOKED / RESERVED only once Toronto Adventures Inc. receives payment or partial payment for a Group Event.

EVENT DEPOSIT / FULL PAYMENT: Upon booking your event, Full Payment for the event is suggested in order to guaranty boat type.  A minimum 50% deposit is required to reserve your event date and time with the balance due 3 weeks prior to Event Date.  A event is not entered into our schedule of events until we receive the deposit for the event.  Specific boat types are not guaranteed until the event is paid in full, therefore if your organization is requesting specific boat types we suggest paying the full invoice upon booking in order not to be disappointed.

CUSTOMER CANCELLATION / RESCHEDULING OF EVENT (non weather related cancellation):  If an event needs to be cancelled for any reason Toronto Adventures Inc. does not give refunds, only credits towards future Group Events and will only provide credit towards future events if proper notification has been received by Toronto Adventures Inc.   A customer can re-schedule a group event only if the customer emails a notice of cancellation / rescheduling of their event 7 days prior to the event date, emailed to  If proper notice is given then the customer shall receive a 100% credit of the amount paid to be used towards a future Toronto Adventures Inc. Group event. Without such notice, no refund or credit is available to the customer.

OUT OF TOWN GROUP BOOKINGS CANCELLATIONS:  An exception MAY be made to our no-refund, only credit towards future events policy for customers who are from out of town and who do not have an office in the GTA nor conduct regular business in the GTA, such non-GTA customers may get a 100% refund if we cancel their event and a 90% refund if they cancel their event with proper notice of 7 days prior to event date emailed to  Without such notice, no refunds or credits shall be issued.

WEATHER RELATED CUSTOMER CANCELLATION:  Toronto Adventures Inc. runs events rain or shine.  If a customer wishes to reschedule an event because they are uncomfortable with the weather than, if the customer provide a phone call to 416-536-2067 ext. 0, PLUS a email notification to informing Toronto Adventures Inc. of their request to cancel due to weather concerns 72 hours prior to event than Toronto Adventures shall CONSIDER providing the customer with a 100% credit to be used towards a future event.  For Customer Weather related cancellations Toronto Adventures Inc. has to agree that there is a “real” concern for the weather during the scheduled time of the event.

WHEN Toronto Adventures Inc. CANCELS YOUR EVENT:  If Toronto Adventures Inc. has to cancel an event for any reason including when  Toronto Adventures Inc.’s makes the determination that it is unsafe to run the event at the specific time the event is scheduled than Toronto Adventures Inc. will provide the customer with a 100% credit to be used towards a future event.



Customers are solely responsible for ordering their catering needs for their Toronto Adventures Inc. events.  

If an event is canceled for any reason by the customer or by Toronto Adventures Inc., Toronto Adventures Inc. is not responsible for food costs, charges and penalties resulting from the cancelled event.

If Toronto Adventures Inc. is supplying / purchasing food catering service for a event the final catering numbers and order must be given to Toronto Adventures Inc. in writing three weeks prior to event with payment in full.  If the order has not been received three weeks prior to the event date then the customer agrees to take over responsibility and the ordering of the catering service directly with the 3rd party supplier of the catering (eg. Pickle Barrel ).

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