Intro to Dog Sledding Group Bookings

Hop aboard our TA Shuttle Bus right here in Toronto or Drive Yourself and join us on our super popular exciting Intro to Dog Sledding Day Trips!

Hop aboard our Adventure buses or Drive Yourself North for a day of Winter Fun in Ontario’s Snow Belt! Our Intro to Dog Sledding Day Trips are the perfect way to escape the city for a day of Winter Fun including a Warm Fire, Marshmallow Roasting, S’mores, Puppies and of course, Dog Sledding!

Adventure Bus Transportation: For groups of over 20 participants, our Adventure Bus Intro to Dog Sledding Day Trips Group Bookings we’ll pick you and your party up from anywhere in the GTA area!

Drive Yourself: Our Dog Sledding is located close to Moonstone Ontario, 20 Minutes North of Barrie.  For Detailed directions: “Click Here”

We pick you up in one of our TA Adventure Buses and whisk you 1.5 hours North to an especially snowy part of Ontario for a day of Winter Fun including a Warm Fire, Marshmallow Roasting, S’mores, Puppies and of course Dog Sledding! We will stop once on the way up at the Barrie En Route and once on the way back. Upon arrival you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff and your hosts for the day. Once everyone has gathered by the fire we’ll go over how the day will work, go over a little safety and show you where the food, washrooms, warming hut and everything else is! You will be sorted into groups marked by colours for your Dog Sledding. Once it’s your turn, you’ll start with a Mushing Lesson (how to drive your sled) from an experienced musher before you take your turn mushing your sled through Ontario’s beautiful snow covered forested trails!

  • Transport from anywhere in the GTA northbound to Moonstone Ontario (Adventure Bus Transport Option Only)
  • Mushing (how to steer/drive your team) Lessons
  • 45 minutes of Dog Sledding
  • Hot fire with lots of seating
  • Snacks, Drinks, and Hot Soup throughout the day
  • Marshmallow Roasting & Smores!
  • Brief Guided Snowshoeing Adventure! Optional*
  • And More!

Adventure Bus Transportation Included Option: $119.95 + tax. Per Participant

Drive Yourself Option: $109.95 + Tax. Per Participant


  • – Minimum 10 Participants Maximum 40 Participants
  • – Pricing is for Weekdays only
  • Adventure bus Transport Option includes Pick Up/Drop Off in the GTA area

Contact Us!
Email: Phone: 416 536 2067 ext. 124

  • Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian.
  • Anyone under 16 years of age will be unable to be in the stand-up position to drive / steer the sled.  If under 16 years old you will be sitting down in the sled.

When participating in any Outdoor Activity it’s important to Dress Appropriately and this is especially true for Winter Adventures!

We’ve listed below some of our Top Tips for Dressing Right for Winter Adventures:

  • – Dress in layers so that you can easily add or remove layers throughout the trip to regulate your temperature as needed.
  • – Bring more layers that you think you’ll need, you can always remove them during the trip.
  • – We highly recommend water resistant Jacket, Gloves, Pants, and Boots!
  • – Wear a hat!
  • – Wear warm winter boots! … Not city winter boots!
  • – Bring a pair of shades… Yes, it’s even brighter in the winter!
  • – You know yourself best, if you get cold easily bring extra layers.
  • – We will be exercising so you will most likely get quite warm out there… Don’t forget to remove layers before you get too hot!

Interested? Contact Us!
Phone: 416 536 2067 ext. 124

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