Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book with a Daily Deal Voucher such as a Groupon or Buytopia Voucher?

  1. Enter the voucher’s redemption code, NOT the voucher code in the Promo Code box.
  2. You simply push this Voucher Customer instruction Link and follow the instructions  Voucher Customer Instructions:   ” Click Here “

What is the cancellation policy?   Unfortunately we cannot allow last minute cancelations or rescheduling.  We have found that, though many people may have serious medical conditions or family emergencies, far too many people use this as an excuse to cancel or reschedule their booking, last minute.   Since we do not have the expertise, time  or an investigative team to investigate these situations and we cannot allow last minute cancelations.  Note:  You are able to give your tickets away to another person.

  1. Kayaking/Canoeing/Paddle-boarding: We require a 48 hour notice by phone or email if you wish to cancel or reschedule a booked rental or lesson+tour. If you cannot attend last minute for one reason or another, give your booking to a friend. Absolutely, no exceptions are made to this rule.
  2. Day Trips: We require a 3 day notice by phone or email for cancellations/rescheduling.
  3. Overnight trips: We require a 7 day notice for cancellations. (We only refund 90% for cancelled overnight trips)

For full details on our cancellation policy

What if it rains on the day of my event?

  • Toronto Adventures always waits till the morning of to make any cancellations based on the weather. If it’s just a drizzle or light rain, or passing rain,  WE DO NOT CANCEL, and customers can only cancel or reschedule with the required notice. No exceptions are made to this rule.
  • If the weather is not appropriate for an event, or unsafe then we do cancel and you can reschedule for another day. If we cancel we will post a notice on our home page and either contact attendees by email or phone, so make sure to check your phone and the home page before leaving the house if you are uncertain.

Is there parking?

  • There is free parking at our Humber River location
  • There is city parking at our SunnySide Beach location (depending on the time of day you have to pay)
  • Both pick up locations for our Bus trips (Keele and York Mills station) have parking lots

What should I wear?

  • Always dress comfortably. If attending a water event such as Kayaking or Canoeing dress for the current weather and wear shoes you don’t mind getting wet or muddy. Bring a change of clothes just in case!
  • For Stand-up Paddle Boarding, be prepared to fall in the water. So bring a change of clothes. Water shoes are recommended, not required.
  • For very hot days: water, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses etc
  • For rainy days: Waterproof layer
  • For more outdoor trips click here

Are there change rooms?

  • Our Humber location is right in the park, so there are no washrooms or change rooms at that location. The Old Mill Inn is just around the corner if you need to use the washroom.
  • Our SunnySide Beach location is located near public washrooms and the Gus Ryder swimming pool which has change rooms and lockers.

Are there lockers at the location to lock up my belongings?

  • We do not have lockers at any of our locations. We recommend you do not bring things you will not need. If you wish to leave your cellphone, car keys, wallet etc behind you may leave them at our check-in tent. Toronto Adventures is not responsible for any items lost or stolen.

Do I need to print my vouchers?

You don’t need to print them. You can show them on your mobile phone as long as we can see the voucher code.

What is the age requirements to attend Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding?

SUP attendees must be a minimum of 14 years of age.  If under 18 years of age an adult has to be in attendance at the location to sign the waiver.

What is the age requirements to attend Kayaking and Canoeing?

We have PFDs for infants ages 6 months and up. If under 18 years of age an adult has to be in attendance at the location to sign the waiver.  For a child to be in their own Single Kayak, they must be 8 years and older. All children must be accompanied by an adult on the water at all times.

What are the age requirements for the Winter Day Trips?

  • Intro to Cross-Country Skiing: Ages 16 and older
  • Intro to Snowshoeing: Ages 8 and older
  • Bruce Trail Snowshoeing: Ages 14 and older
  • Copeland Forest Backcountry Snowshoeing: Ages 14 and older
  • If under 18 years of age an adult has to be in attendance at the location to sign the waiver and accompany the child.


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