Sunnyside Beach Directions

Welcome to our Sunnyside Beach directions page.


Public Transit:

TTC (Toronto Transit Commission):

1) Go to Dundas West TTC Station

2) Take the 504 Streetcar south and get off at the Queen Street West Stop.

3) Walk south across the street, to your south you will see a bridge that crosses the highways over towards lake Ontario, take that bridge across to the other side.

4) Once you’ve crossed the bridge turn right and follow the Bicycle path until you have a chance to get on the boardwalk to your south. (Watch our for bicyclists)

5) Once you are on the boardwalk and you pass the Sunnyside Cafe you will see our TA Booth on the beach just up ahead to your left.


1) Go to Maps.Google.Ca and Click “Get Directions” in the top left.

2) Type your location of departure in the A Column and “Sunnyside Pavilion” in the B Column, then Click “Get Directions”. These directions will bring you to The Sunnyside Pavilion, we are located on the beach just to the west of the Sunnyside Pavilion, you can find parking in either parking lot to the east or west of the pavilion.