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Summer & Winter Season Start Locations


Humber Valley Winter Season Start Location:

Snowshoeing, Skiing

We start our Humber River Winter Events at Old Mill TTC Station’s front entrance.

Humber River / King’s Mill Park Summer Season Start Location

Kayaking, Canoeing, Hiking

TTC (Public Transit): (5-10 Minute Walk From Old Mill Station)
1) Go To Old Mill TTC Station
2) When you exit Old Mill Station turn left and walk to Bloor Street.
3) When you come to Bloor Street. turn left and walk about 75 metres to the start of the BRIDGE going over the Humber River.  At the start of this bridge you will see on your left hand side STAIRS leading down to the river.
4) Go down these stairs,  at the bottom of these stairs, straight ahead to your left, under the subway line you will see a parking lot.  That is our Summer Kayaking and Canoeing location.


Vehicles can enter King’s Mill Park at Humber Valley Drive, north of Riverwood Parkway or from Old Mill Road.

Note: There is lots of free parking available.


If you have any problems or questions please feel free to contact us:
P 1 (416) 536 2067 (Tues – Sun 9-6)