Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy & Form to Fill Out below:

This Cancellation / Rescheduling form is meant for those wishing to cancel or change the date of their event with 48 hours notice, or for those who have had their event cancelled by Toronto Adventures staff due to weather or other conditions.

48 Hour Notice of Cancellation / Rescheduling: If a cancellation is sent to us, by filling out the form below, 48 hours or more prior to your event date, you may re-book at a future time at no extra charge.  If it is within 48 hours of your scheduled event we do not allow cancellations or re-scheduling.  You can give your event booking to a friend, we do not check for names, we only check  to see if it is a valid and paid for booking.  The 48 hour notice Cancellation / Rescheduling rule applies without exception.

If your scheduled event is more then 48 hours from now then please Fill Out this Event Rescheduling Form so that we can Assist You.

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