About Us

About Us

Toronto Adventures Inc.’s mission is to provide AFFORDABLE Adventure Activities and “Recreation at your Doorstep” !

In 2011 Toronto Adventures Inc. was established.

The owners are Rosaire, Mathias and Kyle Cordina.

Rosaire added marketing, image and graphics skills, plus he is a hell of a driver and a great guide.

Mathias added operations, admin. and organizational skills and he is a great guide.

Kyle added technical / mechanical skills and he is a great guide.

Toronto Adventures Inc. has grown and become a industry leader in providing “Recreation at your Doorstep” activities.

Over the years other activities were added such as Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, Camping, Snowshoeing, Dogsledding, etc. In 2012 our Adventure Bus was purchased opening up all of Southern Ontario for our activities and adventures.

We at Toronto Adventures Inc. would like to thank you, our customers, for providing us the opportunity to grow this adventure company.


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